How do you deal with the rejection when nobody submits anything? I tried running an art challenge for my discord server and it started out strong with many submissions, but I got crushed when I realised I was the only one who had even been posting in the channel for two weeks.


Truth be told it can be very frustrating. Sometimes you put a lot of effort into coming up with interesting topics and ya get zilch. Can happen multiple times in a row. I’d even been vexed to asking what the deal was directly a few times in the past when it was really bad for stretches. If people didn’t like the challenges or the time slots we were running, et cetera.

Really there’s not a lot to be done about it. You just have to realize and accept that people may have other things to do at that time- particularly if they can be paid for their art by commissioners. They’ve got their own mood, energy, interest in the subject…

Be patient, encouraging, and don’t be too complex. Creative challenges are great, but simple works well too. There’s really no telling what will work so just be persistent and positive,

Just a follow up here quick!

I’ve seen a good chunk of people replying to this and rather than reply to each individually or anything I figured I’d sum up a response here.

Sounds kinda like we’re all on the same page honestly!

Like I said above, sometimes artists have their own things going on or are in a funk or what have you. Particularly art block or feeling discouraged.

Just remember to always keep trying :3 you improve, know it or not, and it’s not all about the notes. Notes are nice, but fun and creativity are the important parts. Art for art’s sake, ya know? We appreciate all the submissions, doesn’t matter if they’re quirky or what!

Anyway, more on topic, there’s no telling what forces will conspire against something happening. And ya just have to be at peace with that and keep pressing forward.

We appreciate the kind words some of you have shared and all of your participation as well over the years, be you a frequent or rare participant. Your work makes our work worthwhile~