Today’s Twilight Challenge is… a 24 Hour Challenge!

We’re a lil’ late this year but we didn’t forget… it’s Apptoberfest time again!

Ponies! Cider! Food! Outfits~

You know, Oktoborfest but with apple stuff!

Also, of course, Friendship is Magic turned 8 recently! So we’re celebrating an anniversary as well for everyone’s favorite horse show!

Those’ll be the two topics, so feel free to overlap them or keep them separate. Whatever your flavor of party may be!

Quick Rundown for anyone who needs it below! See you in 24 hours with the results!

Basically it’s what it says on the tin but we’ll elaborate a bit more.

1) The inbox will be open for 24 hours from right now. Meaning at what is usually the start of tomorrow’s Twilight Challenge we’ll be closing this one up!

2) Submissions need not take any particular amount of time, can be five minutes or five hours. But the box is only open for so long!

3) Submit as much as you like regarding either topic or both topics in one!

4) No other Challenges run during this time

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