Tonight’s Halloweeny 24 Hour Challenge is… well it’s two things, as usual, so you got options.

One option is simply… halloween nightmare night costumes!

We’ve really neglected that this year compared to the past, but hopefully that has left you guys plenty of room for fun ideas!

Second we have… The Dazzlings as Diamond Dogs / Werewolves!

I mean, we’ve seen them as humans, people do pony versions of them, and we’ve seen their siren forms… but it rarely goes beyond that, right? So let’s mix it up!

For those familiar with the rules of the 24 hour challenges you can jump on it now! Anyone who needs clarification click the read more~

Alright, here’s the skinny. The downlow. The deets.

  1. During the 24 Hour Challenge no other challenges run.
  2. You may draw one topic or both, up to you! You can even put them in the same picture.
  3. You can start at any time during the 24 hours and submit whenever you like, there’s no minimum or maximum (aside from 24 hours…) time to work with. The box will be open the whole time.
  4. Also worth noting, you can submit as many times as you like. So if you update a piece or make multiple pieces you’re all good.
  5. This should just about go without saying but characters should be MLP related. OCs, Equestria Girls stuff, ponies, buffalo… whatever! As long as there’s that horse show influence. Costumes don’t have to be though! Go nuts!

Have fun! See ya in 24 hours for them good doggos and costumes!