I know the timing is somewhat random buuuut I have to work with the time I have, you know?


But anyway, it’s time for a roundup! It’s been awhile so we gotta get one goin’, yeah?

For those unaware what this means is our Submission Box will be open for 24 hours during which you can submit any of the following…

  • Any art of Quick Draw, the blog mascot horse above
  • Art for challenges you didn’t get to participate in
  • Updated art for challenges you participated in
  • Art that uses means not normally accepted for challenges, such as cosplay or gary’s mod.

There is no time limit regarding these pieces, unlike normal challenge posts. It can be something you completed last week, last year, during the roundup itself, or run as your own 30 minute challenge. Anything goes!

You also are of course allowed to submit as many pieces as you like as long as they fit one of the categories.

Challenges will run as normal also! So stay tuned for the Luna in a few hours!