Today’s Late Twilight Challenge is…

1267997 - applejack, granny smith, pony, safe, screencap, teenage applejack, teenage big macintosh, where the apple lies - Derpibooru

Equestria Daily - MLP Stuff!: Applejack Added to - Make her Say Stuff!

From Season 9 Episode 26 “The Last Problem”...

Twilight turns Applejack into a stallion - YouTube

1614336 - applejack, equestria girls, fluttershy's butterflies, imagine spot, multeity, safe, sc… | Equestria girls, Mlp equestria girls, My little pony characters

Applejack! Any Applejack! All the Applejacks? Make your own universe AJ?

Feel free to just draw a regular AJ too, anything is fine!

You’ve got 30 minutes to create followed by 15 minutes to submit! Have fun~

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